Surrender Your Horns / 2022 / 61 min

After snorting powdered horn, a lonely Irishman undergoes a Kafkaesque metamorphosis into a rhino-headed man. Embodying both hunter and hunted, he guides us into a series of real and fantasy worlds. Documentary footage merges with the Theatre of the Absurd-style performances of unicorn nightclubbers, reproductive biologists, and horn smugglers. This tragedy comes into existential focus as rhinos are not only hunted in life but also in death.


Director: Bryony Dunne

Producers: Bryony Dunne, Nuala Carr Luke McManus 

Co-writer: Elle Kurancid 

Cinematographer: Eleanor Bowman       

Sound design, music and mix: Alyssa Moxley       

Editor: Giorgos Zaferis                                                                               

Colourist: Dimitris Karteris 


Year of production: 2022       

Duration: 61 mins

Country of origin Ireland                                                     

Genre Docufiction                                                 

Screening format: DCP / ProRes   

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1     

Sound Format: 5:1 /Stereo

Languages: English/Portuguese/Swahili/Vietnamese

Subtitles: English/Portuguese/French/Spanish