Amirya / Medrar Gallery for Contemporary Art, Cairo / 2017

This solo exhibition presents works made over four years when Dunne lived between Egypt and her native country Ireland. In film, photography, installation and sculpture, Dunne draws together research-driven documentary projects with her own artistic interpretations.

Dunne’s work examines the volatile relationship of man with nature, and often traces the historical links between the two countries, Ireland and Egypt, she calls home. These links are manifested in her photography and video works from Dublin’s Natural History Museum, Cairo’s Agricultural Museum and the Giza Zoo, among other sites.

During her early work in South Sinai, Dunne met a 70-year-old Bedouin woman, who lives year-round in her orchard, solo and self-sustained. One day, after weeks of repeated in-depth visits, Amriya said, “You should make a film about me and my doctors (her orchard and the mountains).” That film was made—a prologue to the other works in “Amriya”—and the solo exhibition was dedicated to her.

Supported by the Irish Embassy in Cairo.

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