Seeds From The Zoo

Seeds From The Zoo (2016) is a self-published photo book that includes a selection of images — some of which were included in the Townhouse Gallery exhibition They Usually Lie Around A Grotto — taken over a two-year period in Cairo’s Giza Zoo. The book contains 48 images as well as texts by Townhouse curator Sara El Adl, writer Elle Kurancid and photojournalist Hamada Elrasam.

The book comes in three colours and was printed and bound in Egypt.

Arabic / English.

Copies available to purchase from the Library Project in Dublin, the Townhouse Gallery Gallery in Cairo , and the Mosaic Rooms in London.

Reference copies available at SALT Istanbul, Contemporary Image Collective Cairo, Townhouse Gallery Gallery Cairo and the Hellenic Centre for Photography.

Exhibited at Athens Photo festival in Benaki Museum July 2017