Onassis Air Publication

Conceived as a collective research program of Onassis AiR / The School of Infinite Rehearsals brings together an interdisciplinary group of participants to exchange knowledge and practices on specific research topics we find urgent to address and further explore together. As an outcome of “The School of Infinite Rehearsals 2020-21”, the four-volume publication assembles the ideas and inquiries that emerged as part of the collective research. Each book is collectively authored by the respective participants of Movements I-IV, including commissioned texts and artworks by other contributors. Four different Athenian creative studios were invited to design each book.”
The School of Infinite Rehearsals, Movement IV – ‘While We’re Together’ which I participated in
” Structured as a series of prompts and responses, ‘While We’re Together’ conveys one group’s practices of gathering amidst cascading failures around the globe. The book offers potential forms of remedy and repair through building collaborative relations between each other and with more-than-human worlds. These practices include evolving into cephalopods, listening to plants, foraging a meal, searching for centaurs, shapeshifting into monsters, and finally, sealing our rewilded relations with a spell.”

James Bridle, Dennis Dizon, Carolina Doriti, Bryony Dunne, Faidon Papadakis, Kenneth Pietrobono, Miriam Simun, Alexander Strecker, Ingrid Vranken
Edited by Alexander Strecker
Design by Studio Precarity