Above the Law / 2019 / 14″

Above the Law conceptually links the annual intercontinental routes of migratory birds with the journeys of refugees and migrants who have, and continue to, traverse the same bodies of land and water. Unfolding atop a pigeon coop in Cairo, across a lifejacket graveyard and bird watching towers on the Greek island of Lesvos, as well as near the border in Northern Ireland, these parallel journeys depict the laws of nature vis-à-vis the rule of man, reminding us that geopolitical restrictions like borders and citizenship are irrelevant to some species. At times, the film features a literal bird’s-eye view: two trained eagles, who are seemingly wild and thus “above the law,” carry miniature cameras on their backs, becoming instruments of surveillance, capturing nature, both human and nonhuman.

Stage: Complete- release November 16th 2019

Producer: Patrick Campbell

Production Company: Invisible Hand ltd

Supported by Screen Ireland (formerly the Irish Film Board) and National Geographic Society